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Starting from the ground up, Efficient Physician, Inc. will provide assistance in establishing your new practice.

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Establishing a New Medical Practice

Establishing a New Medical Practice

Efficient Physician, Inc. has the ability, know how and experience to help establish a physician in a new office. Starting from the ground up, Efficient Physician will provide assistance in locating office space that optimizes practice efficiencies. Efficient Physician, Inc. also builds relationships between the physician and financial institutions to help in funding of your new practice. Efficient Physician, Inc. looks into the most cost effective way of marketing your practice to your target demographics. We will set up your office and train staff that best fits the physicians own personal philosophy on practicing medicine.

Efficient Physician, Inc. will set up all accounts with drug companies and medical suppliers, and as a result from our experience ensure best value. Efficient Physician, Inc. will assist you in producing office schedules, employee manuals, acquire business licenses and establishing contracts with third party payors. Efficient Physician, Inc. can design your office to maximize patient flow and welcome patients to your new office location.

Efficient Physician, Inc. has helped physicians throughout Southern California establish new and successful medical practices. Efficient Physician, Inc. assists the physician in all aspects of establishing a new practice.




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