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Efficient Physician, Inc. Subscription Services works by e-mail, fax and has a hotline dedicated to your questions.

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Subscription Services

Efficient Physician, Inc. Subscription Services, is a service to make your medical practice more efficient. Your manager, billers and staff have many questions on a daily basis about accounts receivable, contracting, human resources, billing procedures, the time it takes to bill or the legal ramifications of billing and collections. We would like to take those burdens off of your shoulders and be your resource for all questions concerning any of your business needs. Efficient Physician, Inc. has been a medical account’s receivable company for over 15 years. Our office has cumulatively over fifty years of experience in practice management and a/r management. Efficient Physician, Inc. would like to put that experience to your use. Through a business perspective there are two centers in a medical practice, a revenue center and a cost center. We would like to assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your cost centers (from the front desk, to the accounts receivable department) and allow your revenue centers (physicians, practitioners and nurses) to better care for patients. Efficient Physician, Inc. subscription services will decrease the amount of time your staff spends on hold with insurance companies or researching coding problems. This time can be better spent, by increasing the return on your receivables.

Efficient Physician, Inc. Subscription Services works by e-mail, fax and has a hotline dedicated to your questions. Efficient Physician, Inc. has an extensive research library that utilizes all medical business journals and produces a quarterly newsletter with updates on changes in Medicare, Medi-Cal and private insurers, keeping you and your office up to date on changes in the industry. In the newsletters we will also keep your office informed and recommend different seminars for practice administrators, and accounts receivable management. Included in our subscription services are bi annual reports where we track all calls from your office so you have the ability to see the weakness and strengths of your employees. This service is extremely effective in yearly employee evaluations and confidential to the Office Manager and the Physician.

Efficient Physician, Inc. is the company with the experience and knowledge that can increase the efficiency of your office and increase the effectiveness of you’re practice and accounts receivable.

If you have any questions about pricing, billing or setting up an account with Efficient Physician, Inc. Subscription Services please call us at (909) 982-8926 or e-mail us at ambestard@efficientphysician.com




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